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I’ll keep this brief so it’s not too TL;DR, but there’s a lot I want to say. 

I want to start an online progressive musical project, and I’m trying to find people to join me in this effort. 

WHAT:  Progressive metal/djent/mathcore with elements of jazz and deathcore, or really whatever everyone else wants, not that I want to be restricted by genre.  I want this to be very progressive, meaning that I want to bend the boundries in time signatures with rhythms, and scales with melodies and harmonies.  Influences will include Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, Born of Osiris, Dillinger Escape Plan, and the like.  This will be an online project, so there are some pros and cons to this less-than-conventional method.  The main obvious problem is that it’s really hard to get a good guitar sound out of a MIDI instrument.

WHEN:  As soon as possible.  I’m already writing material.

WHO:  I’ll start out with what I’ve got to offer.  I have a very solid basis of knowledge in composition in many genres.  I can pretty much put together a song of the genre I’m looking.  I also am studying audio production and can produce songs electronically with a number of different programs and tools.  The way I’m currently operating is using Fruity Loops as my DAW (not my first choice for electronic music, but I like it for what I’m doing with this), and different MIDI instruments and effects.  Addictive Drums is delivering well on the percussion end, and I’m currently looking through options to produce a good bass sound.  Keys are easy to do, but guitars are going to be very difficult to get a good sound out of without actually recording them. 

Anyway, I’m looking for people who know their shit.  Optimally, I’d like someone who’s an experienced drummer to program drums because even though I can put down good general ideas, I need someone who really knows the instrument(s) to refine them down into something exact.  I’d like someone that can record down the guitar parts unless I can find a MIDI alternative.  They’re certainly going to be technical, but I’m not interested in technicity for the sake of technicity *cough*Tosin Abasi*cough*.  Optionally, I’d like a vocalist that can work as a self contained unit, writing, delivering, and recording vocals.  I want someone with very serious vocal ability in both screaming and clean vocals.  Finally, I want another person or two that I can work with in composition to fill the same role as I.

WHERE:  Anywhere at all, as long as you’ve got regular access to the internet.

WHY:  To progress and grow and musicians, and maybe even to produce a really quality musical product.

If you have any questions of comments please leave them in my ask box, and I can get in contact with you via Skype or Facebook or phone or whatever.  Even if you don’t want to be directly involved in this project, I’d appreciate if you told friends of yours that might be interested or reblog this post.  Also, if anyone knows a good MIDI alternative to recorded guitars, please let me know.

Thanks so much!  Please leave feedback in some way.  Love you guys!

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